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Retro Travel

When my parents were young, before settling down and having my brother and I, they were a pair of the globetrotting vagabonds roaming the throughout the world world during the 1970s. They served in the Domincan Republic as Peace Corps Volunteers (I’m second generation PCV!) and after finishing traveled through South America.

My dad was a bit of a photographer I guess and took thousands of pictures through their travels.  For years when I was young my parents would tell me about how great Macchu Pichu was and how I need to visit.  I haven’t gotten the chance to go yet, but I am digitizing their slides.  Many of them were a bit deteriorated or just bad pictures, my dad was prolific instead of particularly proficient, but the law of averages say when you take so many shots you are bound to get some gems.  I’m still working on the slides so there might be another post similar to this if I come across some other amazing shots.  So here are a handful of what I think are the best photos, I really like the colors.