Riding Around

I’ve ways been a fan of public transportation when traveling. I think part of it stems from the lack of options where I’m from back in America. Having to drive everywhere gets old quickly.

The ability to multitask on a bus or subway is pretty great. I’m actually writing this post while taking the bus across town. Instead of sitting and fuming in traffic, I’m sitting and writing in traffic. A much better option I think.

The cost of using the local transportation is also a huge draw. Unlike Washington DC where a single bus trip is more than three dollars, municipal transportation is still seen as a public good in most places which keeps the prices low. It’s always far cheaper to get around like the locals than take a taxi when traveling. I’ll save my money for fun things like food and adventures thank you very much.

A final reason I prefer buses to cabs is what you can see. The bus is great for people watching; everyone going about their daily lives of work and school. It’s a small glimpse into another world. I also enjoy watching the city or scenery go by. You never know what you might find in passing. Taxis have to drive quickly to make more money. Buses have to drive slow and stop often because that’s their job. A bus trip is a great way to learn more about the layout of a place.

However it’s not always perfect on the bus. Sometimes, like literally right in the middle of writing this entry, you realize that you got on the wrong bus. Or in this case the right bus going in the wrong direction. It has happened to me more than once so I’ve learned to give myself lots of time to get somewhere. I can bring a book to wait with.


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